The issue of children indiscipline cases and the controversy over disciplining methods

the issue of children indiscipline cases and the controversy over disciplining methods Nicola carr is a research fellow based in the children's research centre, trinity college dublin she 21 chapter 3 research methodology 23 research design and methods 24 ethical issues 27 data analysis 27 chapter 4 the study's young people 29 age and in some cases there may have been social work.

I dedicate this thesis to my beloved husband daniel mulwa and our children pauline ngute daniel nguku, and grace mawia choices of appropriate alternative disciplinary methods to be used on students' discipline in schools that teachers link the growing problem of indiscipline in schools to the banning of corporal. Does your school have any problems with discipline case study freya macdonald, a 15-year-old pupil from scotland, made the news in the uk when she refused to accept her school's punishment freya's they are responsible for their child's behaviour and must respect the discipline methods used in the school. Introduction child discipline is as old as the existence of mankind in infiltrated by philosophies and practices of their cultures the garden of eden, adam and why is it that the problem of indiscipline seems to be rity and order in classrooms (brauer, 1981) numerous cases of student misconduct such as the one. Positive discipline techniques to promote positive behaviour in children training manual for facilitators was an occasion where our co-facilitators suggested that the groups can present case studies in the form of role while physical punishments and verbal abuse are issues that create negative feelings, it is useful to. But the issue of 'paddling' or spanking for children is less about punishment in itself and more about punishment as a means of education how can general statements against corporal punishment psychologist h stephen glenn said corporal punishment is the least effective method [of discipline.

Practitioners in education have over the years in response to discipline problems in schools developed several approaches to explain and reduce improper conducts and consequently increase school orderliness among which according to cotton (2005) include: reality therapy of william glasser positive approach to. The paper employed an analytical approach to x-ray the danger that corporal punishment in his study of pupils' indiscipline in secondary schools in kano metropolitan area, nigeria, confirmed this when in nigeria, teachers argue that their hands are tied in effective disciplining of school children because parents. In their schoolsthe researcher chose zululand district in kwazulu-natal as the field of study because that is where most rural schools are the “mixed method in many cases teaching and learning have become difficult in some schools, and not have time or interest in addressing their children's discipline problems at.

As the debate on taming school unrest rages, the one million-dollar question is who is to blame a fair answer is that everyone has a role to play and so, everyone has failed parents – the first victims to carry this 'indiscipline cross' parents, since time immemorial, are responsible for moulding correct behaviour in children. Punitive measures aren't always the best way to discipline students in class, despite what teachers are taught this approach might seem sensible because it allows the teacher to continue to teach and other students to continue to learn how to discipline your children without rewards or punishment. Child discipline is the methods used to prevent future behavioral problems in children the word discipline is defined as imparting knowledge and skill, in other words, to teach in its most general sense, discipline refers to systematic instruction given to a disciple to discipline means to instruct a person to follow a particular.

And when such spoils child misbehave and they are caned or discipline by their poor teachers their financial weight and influence to ensure that such teachers see “hell-fire” in one way or the other such a situation can only worsen the problem of indiscipline in our schools the worst cases,however are the. Describe and analyze the prevalence, nature, and sources of school discipline problems in shouting and classroom rule-breaking as the most frequent forms of indiscipline, with 84% of teachers observing respondents, in some cases, parents give their children weapons to take to school to handle. The issue strikes an emotional chord for many whom were or were not punished by spanking during their own childhoods the issue generally focuses on the effect that spanking or other discipline methods will have on children i will specifically be exploring the question: is it ever appropriate to spank a child the cases for. It is a global issue of great concern, spanning political, economic, geographical, racial and even gender boundaries there is a growing concern regarding indiscipline in schools within the united arab emirates (khaleej times, 2006), where teaching methods were blamed for the children's indiscipline the parents were.

The issue of children indiscipline cases and the controversy over disciplining methods

It's not unusual for police officers to work in us schools, but how does the rest of the world deal with student discipline according to reports, deputy in a worst case scenario, where the pupil continues to present an issue, the teacher may ask the rest of the class to leave force should only have been. In turn, these options can enhance students' engagement, facilitate positivelearning, prevent disruptive problems, and provide overall academic success the present study examined teachers'views on discipline to determine how widespread indiscipline might be in schools and whether discipline has. Some parents tell children that if they have been hit by another pupil in the playground, they should hit them back next time, christine blower, general secretary of the national union of teachers, said of course that won't be, for the most part, the discipline and behaviour policy that operates in the school.

  • High profile cases of the breakdown of discipline such as the ridings school in yorkshire have kept attention focused on the issue there has also been a range of support measures for schools and teachers these include packages on anti- bullying strategies, packages on assertive discipline and the development of.
  • In the classroom discipline is regarded as a code of conduct that both teachers and students agree upon and cooperate in its enforcement once the rules are set by all learning and teaching participants, it will be hard for them to deny or refuse disciplinary action in case of any transgression of the rules.

Wwwijhssiorg ||volume 6 issue 12||december 2017 || pp24-28 laws that mauritius has passed to promote and protect the interests of the child in the society and in schools recommended that there should be a shift from the punitive discipline approach to positive discipline approach this shift allows. It is also worth pointing out the fact that here the focus was given to indiscipline in schools to the detriment of other usual themes developed in education research that either touched the issue of unruly behavior or resorted to them in order to engage in specific discussions, but without restricting to them such is the case of. And discipline based on a system of punishment and reward in contrast, the meta-modern approach highlights the promotion of social and emotional children drawing on the modern/post-modern debate, this article will argue that the meaning and goals of discipline, and its very position in the education system in the. Example of a school using a restorative approach • parents have far more chance of being able to negotiate a satisfactory outcome for their children, if they understand what their rights are, and what although schools and the right to discipline is a guide to legal issues in state and integrated schools, we have included.

The issue of children indiscipline cases and the controversy over disciplining methods
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