Resistance of wire coursework conclusion

Niño roel a dela cruz bsme 3a experiment no1 conclusion aside from using devices such as multitester, the resistance value of a resistor can be good equipments should be used such as the resistors, connecting wires, voltage supply and multitester it is slightly more difficult to use an analog multitester than. University physics, lab 4: resistivity measurement in this laboratory experiment, you will measure the resistivity (ρ) of a copper and nickel wire equipment: five- cenco coils mounted on a base (see the wire diameter printed in the base), ammeter, voltmeter, leads, power supply, rheostat (30 ω), single throw switch (s. This experiment was conducted to find out how temperature affects the conductivity and resistance of a wire the experiment was conclusion the hypothesis that when the temperature of a wire increases, the resistance value of the wire will also increase and the conductivity of the wire will reduce is proven to be true. How the length of a wire affects its resistancein my physics coursework i am going to investigate the effect of the length of a wire on its resistance resistance is the measure of how easy it is for current to flow through a wire current is the rate. An investigation into the resistance of a wire free gcse physics coursework essay. This activity is taken from advancing physics chapter 4 340e tap 112- 2: introduction to resistivity using conducting paper how the dimensions of a conductor affect its resistance in this experiment you will use conducting paper to find out how the size and shape of a material affect its resistance, even though the material.

This limits the current through the wire in order to reduce any heating effect which may change the resistivity record the readings on the ammeter and voltmeter for 8 different lengths complete a table a suitable table and calculate the resistance of the wire for each length analysis for each wire plot a. Resistance of a wire coursework evaluation college student of chemistry either inside a graduate degree or publish graduate amount and also a phd level can be questioned to accomplish a coursework around the matter as well as the evaluation marks allotted will range appropriately within this bit of. Practical assessment - dcp ce resistance of a wire design research question: find the relationship practical assessment - dcp ce assessment criteria data collection and processing aspect 1: data collection practical assessment - dcp ce conclusion and evaluation aspect 1: concluding state the. I determine the resistivity of constantan and compare it to a data book value.

Introduction it is proposed that there are factors that influence the extent to which metal wires carry electrical current in circuits ie the length of the wire, the cross- material is resistant to the flow of electricity and low values of resistivity imply not associated with the experiment were kept away (a risk assessment was. Introduction first before starting my coursework i have decided to choose a factor that will affect the resistance of a wire i shall do this by going through all of the factors that affect the resistance of a wire and how i would measuring each factor to find out which would be the most effective and easiest factor to measure. Experiment 4 resistance and resistivity a slide wire wheatstone bridge is used to determine the resistance of coils of wire made from different materials analysis use (5) and (7) to determine the resistivity of copper, german silver, and nichrome if uncertainties are to be calculated, then the value of lac in (5) is.

Resistance of a wire coursework conclusion the resistance of a wire is directly proportional to its length and will not be able to make a proper conclusion relating to wire length toggle navigation skip to content podcasts about us write my position paper for me collaborators im doing my resistance of a wire coursework and. The wire used to connect the circuit contains resistance, so thicker wire should be used to reduce the resistance, so a more never close the switch while the connection is being made conclusion ◦ based on the result of experiment, the internal resistance of the cell was 111 ω and the emf e of the. Resistance by measuring and recording the wire's current and voltage in volts and amps on various stages of the experiment stages: voltage: 10 battery eliminator reading: 108 ∴108-10=08 v science investigation task: resistance 10 data representation and analysis: o graph 01: the graph represents the. Design and conduct an experiment to find the relationship between one of the most easily controlled independent variables and the total resistance of a wire ( the dependent variable) design your experiment, collect appropriate data, graph it, and by performing regression analysis, find the physical law print a single.

How the resistance of a wire is affected by its length this investigation will determine how changing the length of the wire, when passing an electrical current through it, will effect its resistance resistance- “the property of failing to conduct electricity or thermal energy” introduction in the conduction of this experiment i will. Electrical currents are routinely harnessed and transmitted via interconnected wires the purpose of this research is to identify factors commonly responsible for affecting the resistance of current, or flow of electricity, across a wire in an electrical circuit some factors will need to be identified and investigated.

Resistance of wire coursework conclusion

So i will use 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32 swg wires for my experiment measure resistance apparatus metre rule wires with different thicknesses 6v battery ammeter voltmeter (0 to 10v) crocodile clips 5 connecting leads heat proof mat i do not know how big the current will be so i will start by using. Introduction: resistance is a force, which opposes the flow of an electric current around a circuit resistance is measured in ohms george ohm discovered that a circuit sometimes resists the flow of electricity he called this 'resistance' he even came up with a rule for working out the resistance of a circuit, which was.

  • Perform a similar experiment to produce a table of diameter, d and resistance, r for constant wire length note: cross sectional area analysis – part a plot a graph resistance, r on the y-axis versus length, l on the x-axis 1 give your graph a title 2 join your points with a line of best fit (trendline) 3 what does your graph.
  • From this we may conclude, that, if the original resistance is to the final resistance in a greater or less ratio than the square of the resistance of these thick wires was found to be 036 ohms experiment 1 this experiment was made with copper wire 628 millimetres in diameter it being the first experiment i made, all the.
  • Investigating resistance of a wire the aim of this experiment is to find out how the resistance changes as the length of wire changes within the circuit changes at the end of this investigation i will come to one of five possible conclusions which are: -the resistance increases as the length of wire increases, or -the resistance.

Free essay: physics practical report: experiment: ohmic resistance and ohm's law patrick doan mr sadowsky 11 phys 71 12/9/08 table of contents resistance in a wire coursework in this investigation we are trying to look for resistance in a piece of wire, and how the length of a wire can increase or. In this set of experiments, the differences between resistance and resistivity will be ex- plored equipment list largest percent uncertainty in the experiment 4 resistance and resistivity data analysis length dependence 1 average the diameter measurements to get the mean diameter of each of the cylin- drical. Experiment - factors affecting the resistance of a wire background information: there are several factors that influence how much resistance is provided by a conductor: atomic/molecular structure of the metal, length and cross-section area part 1: investigating the analysis and discussion plot a graph of resistance vs. Carry out an investigation of the relationship between the length of a metallic conductor (eg nichrome wire) and its resistance introduction background research outlined and referenced firstly i researched this topic in my science book i found relevant information in my book about resistance, such as the fact that.

Resistance of wire coursework conclusion
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